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The secret to making your web site your best marketing tool.

Lots of people have web sites, but very few people understand what makes a web site the best and most cost-effective marketing tool. If your web site is done right, it will be the main tool to bring in business. If it is done wrong, then it will actually drive potential customers away. Here are the things that a proper web site needs in order for it to work for you:

  • It must be mobile-friendly. That is to say that regardless of whether you are visiting it on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone, it should reconfigure itself to present the best image on whatever device is being used. Over three quarters of users now access the internet through mobile devices.
  • It has to be creative and catch the attention of a visitor the moment they visit it. It seems that peoples’ attention spans are getting shorter all the time. If you don’t grab them in the first few seconds of arriving at your site, then they will be gone.
  • They have to be able to find your web site in the first place. If you have a well designed web site and nobody can find it because it is buried two hundred pages deep in the search engine results, then it’s pretty much the same as not having a web site at all.

Digital Design has created over 300 web sites for small businesses since 1990

Small businesses trust us for:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Goggle and Bing ad support
  • Mobile friendly web sites either as fully responsive to all devices or smart-targeted sites that detect the visitors browser
  • Statistical analysis of site performance
  • Complete design services including logos, photography and corporate identity
  • High speed hosting
  • Content management systems
  • Database integration
  • Web solutions for any budget!

Is your current web site working for you?
Click the bars below to learn more.

Is your current web site working for you? Click the bars below to learn more.

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