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Why your graphic design will make or break your company image

Would you show up for a job interview naked?

Of course not! What kind of an impression would that make? Like the old adage goes… “You only have one chance to make a first impression!”. So true! And the first time people see your logo, brochure, web site or even your company newsletter, you have just made a lasting first impression. If it is done right, they will view you and your company as being modern, professional and respected. Do it wrong and they will immediately get the impression that they are dealing with amateurs. Trying to fix a bad first impression is way harder than doing it right in the first place.

Customers can be won or lost on their first impression of you

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Read this case study
about how the creative mind of Digital Design created a money graphic that literally brought the real cash rolling in!

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Some real world examples

One tends to collect all sorts of stuff over the years and it’s always puzzling what to include in a portfolio and what not to. So I’ll just blast a bunch of stuff to give you a general idea. If you want to see anything more specific about your own needs, then please Contact Me and I’ll show you some examples more relevant to what you are looking for.