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About Digital Design

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Affordable Marketing and Graphic Design for Every Small Business
Serving Calgary Since 1990
Digital Design is a small independent company located in Calgary, Alberta. Owned and operated by Frederick Potter, Digital Design provides professional but affordable services in marketing, graphic design, photography and video production.

It's hard to find a comprehensive service for marketing and graphic design that doesn't cost a fortune. Large agencies do a great job of providing these services but the costs can quickly escalate as every account has a team of people working on it which can drive even the simplest project into the thousands of dollars.

Frederick has a long history of working in the advertising, photography and graphic design industries. His skill sets are extensive and on par with the best advertising agencies in the city. But as an independent operator, he can cut through the layers and provide personalized service to each of his clients. Consultations are free and the quotes for your project are solid. Digital Design clients know him to be one of the most honest, hard-working and accommodating persons they have ever met. As a small business owner, Frederick understands the frustrations of trying to market a company on a limited budget which is why Digital Design will always strive to provide you with results-based work that will tangibly increase your bottom line.

Choose Digital Design For

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Small Business Marketing
If your marketing isn't returning you real clients and increasing your bottom line, then you are probably just not doing it right.
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Graphic Design
Whether you need logos, signage, internet graphics or even a wrap for your vehicle, trust us to get the job done right.
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Web Site Design & Hosting
Web site requirements are now more stringent than ever as they must conform to all devices from desktop to mobile. Forget about the "build-it-yourself templates and get a web site that will really work for you.
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Commercial Photography
Either in studio or on location, professional commercial photography can make the difference between looking professional or looking like an amateur. Don't lose clients by making a bad impression.
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Video Production
Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate to your clients. Whether it's a simple "how to" video for client support or a short production to advertise your business, we can do it from script to final production.
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Print & Digital Brochures
There is still a need for quality printed brochures, but we can also produce digital versions as well in pdf, e-book or email friendly versions.
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Trade Show Displays
When someone walks past your booth at a trade show you have to be able to grab their attention immediately or you may never see them again. Get a trade show display that will stop them in their tracks!
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Audio-Visual Presentations
There is great power of persuasion in speaking before a live audience. Keep them enthralled with a presentation they can't take their eyes off of!
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Corporate Identity
Your corporate brand is probably the most important decision you can make as it will be used on everything from your business cards to your web site. Before you create anything else, make sure that a solid corporate identity is in place that will work for you for years to come.
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Annual Reports
Not just a legal requirement for many companies but also one of the most important tools for potential investors, shareholder confidence and industry positioning. This is one area where you need to devote the right amount of time to in order to position your business at the right level.

Why choose Digital Design over large agencies or hiring employees?

It's all about getting the very best results at a fraction of the price. Large advertising and graphic design agencies bill like lawyers. Your project will be assigned to a team and everyone from the sales rep, to the design staff have a role to play and each one will bill their time on your account. Many people are shocked at how fast the invoices grow on even the most modest of projects.

If you decide to hire someone to work in house as an employee, you will be faced with a whole new set of issues. First, it is extremely hard to find anyone with a broad range of skill sets that can handle all aspects of the variety of projects you will need produced. There are also legal obligations in having employees such as salary and benefits considerations, holidays, work hours, sick time and the fact that many employees are just there to have a job and do not share your passion for the company that you have built. Employees can quit if they get a better offer leaving you holding the bag. New employees take time to train before they can understand your business, time which is lost if they decide to go somewhere else. When times are slow, you will still have to pay the wages for that employee even if there are no specific projects at that time.

Using Digital Design as an outside service means that you only need to pay for specific projects as they come up. With fixed quotes, you can budget on a per-project basis. Outside services are 100% tax deductible. You are guaranteed satisfactory results within your deadlines and within your budget. You will get personalized service 24/7, holidays, evenings and weekends.

Choosing Digital Design is the smartest, fastest way to get the professional quality you need at a cost that you can afford.